The early years of the child between 0-6 yrs are the most critical ones for emotional & intellectual developments. It is during these years that 75% of the brain growth is completed. Stimulating imagination & creativity in the child at this time can help them reach tremendous success in their professional & personal life.

Playschool curriculum

The children at Planet Kids grow with a curriculum which is very ‘child centric’, ‘age specific’ & ‘developmentally appropriate’. The X-SEED curriculum is extremely dynamic & highly re-searched. The approach to learning is experiential and it ensures that the child’s developments in all domains are in line with the requirements of future formal schooling. This forms an excellent platform for the requirements of major national boards (CBSE/ICSE), international boards (IB/IGCSE) & is in line with the future requirement specifications of the National Curriculum Framework specified by the Education Board for the primary level. The programme has been developed by a group of passionate educators, & behavioral psychologists including alumni of Harvard, Cambridge, the IIM’s & other leading institutions. Various early childhood pedagogies like the Montessori Method, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Steiner’s Waldorf method, Reggio Emilia method, Kindergarten system etc have been integrated while formulating this curriculum.

We truly believe that children must learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing & hearing. ‘Curiosity’-which is the innate nature of every child is satiated with a theme based integrated approach, led by enquiry based learning. Great emphasis is laid on developing the intrinsic motivation to learn, autonomy & self-discipline. With innovative methods like ‘Discovery time’, the children are introduced to concepts of problem solving & creative thinking in a number of interesting ways.

Importantly, the children are groomed for future formal schooling with strong emphasis on mathematical & language experiences. Personalized attention is given to each child following an international teacher- child ratio. Small learning groups & Individual learning program ensures that children develop at a required pace.

The Planet Kids
Co-curricular Activities Advantage

‘Because there is much more than what is just learnt inside the classroom’.

Thematic celebrations, field trips, use of updated technology, & hands on approach make learning a fun filled activity for the child. The children participate enthusiastically in the special thematic events like farm day, carnivals, sports meet & annual cultural day. This gives the children an excellent platform to grow in confidence & also develop great self-esteem.

Some of the most highly acclaimed child oriented programmes* from across the world have been incorporated as a part of the academic programme at Planet Kids

Kids activities

E - Blocks

This is a revolutionary program from Brazil which creates a unique learning experience that combines multi-media software & real objects. It is a multi-sensory approach to English learning for beginners ...

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Imagine this - The children talking, learning, playing, and interacting with their favourite animated character.
Kinixis is the world's first intelligent hear, see, remember & know the children...

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*Available at Select Centers Only.