Planet Kids offers a wonderful first ‘out-of-home’ learning experience for your child.

Preschool in Bangalore

Pre - School

Toddler Program (1 yr to 1yr 8 months)
Playgroup (1 yr 8 months to 2 yrs 6 months)
Nursery (2 yrs 6 months to 3 yrs 6 months)
Lower Kindergarten (3 yrs 6 months to 4 yrs 6 months)
Upper Kindergarten (4 yrs 6 months to 5 yrs 6 months)

*Toddler Program, Kindergarten & Day care facility are available at select centres only

Day care Centers in Bangalore

Daycare (2 Yrs to 10 Yrs)

Working parents need all the support they can in raising their kids. Planet Kids offers Day Care services at select centres to help parents fill in the after-school hours of their kids with constructive activities. Our busy schedules and work life require us to leave our child behind. For that, one needs a safe and secure place, a place that makes the child and the parent feel comfortable. We’ve created our Day Cares keeping just this in mind. We follow the 3Cs – Comfort, Cleanliness and Care.

Our Day Care comes with the most modern facilities that give the highest level of comfort for the kid. From the bed to the refreshment, every arrangement has been made to make the kids feel at home. We follow the highest standards of hygiene.

Most importantly, our Day cares are not just about ‘Eat, sleep and watch TV’. We have affectionate moderators who engage the kids in various programs. They also provide stimulus for lot of activities. The kids also get to enjoy themselves through outdoor games, some splash pool activities, Audio-visual activities, Computer time and other activities that the preschool children get to enjoy.

At The Day Care

  • Excellent infrastructural facilities
  • Spacious & well-lit classroom
  • Ball pool
  • Sand-pit
  • Splash pool
  • Quality outdoor & indoor play area and equipment
  • Non-toxic child-safe toys
  • Computer labs
  • Books & Multi-media library
  • Child-safe and clean toilets
  • Hygienic nap-time facilities
  • Well researched, Scientific & activity oriented curriculum
  • Structured schedule involving
  • Physical activity
  • Quiet time
  • Group activities
  • Individual play centers
  • Fun & Groove time
  • Outdoor play/garden time
  • Snack time
  • Linguistic development
  • Music & Rhythm time
  • Nutritious & yummy snack-time menu
  • Moderated television, movie and video time
  • Regular & effective communication with parents
  • Trained, dedicated, and professional staff
  • Counselor’s perspective on sleep, health, discipline, feeding and other care issues will be shared
  • Child to staff ratio - As per required standards shared
  • Trained staff - Aware of importance of personal hygiene & follow appropriate procedures.
  • Flexible - Working hours & Payment plan
  • Structured process-oriented approach

*Toddler Program, Kindergarten & Day care facility are available at select centres only

Playschool activities

Activity Hub (2 Yrs to 12 Yrs)

The Activity Hub will cater to many after-school weekdays/week-ends/vacation time activities for children in a spectrum of interesting activities. These may range from Dramatics to Robotics, Dance to Drawing, Vedic Math to handwriting improvement and so on. These will certainly be a great value-add for the children. The 'Fun in the Sun' Summer camp at Planet Kids has been one of the most sought after programs. We also propose to introduce other camps such as 'Winter Camp', 'Dusshera Camp' , Parent workshops et cetera.

*Toddler Program, Kindergarten & Day care facility are available at select centres only

The early years of the child between 0-6 yrs are the most critical ones for emotional & intellectual developments. It is during these years that 75% of the brain growth is completed. Stimulating imagination & creativity in the child at this time can help them reach tremendous success in their professional & personal life.

The children at Planet Kids grow with a curriculum which is very ‘child centric’, ‘age specific’ & ‘developmentally appropriate’. The X-SEED curriculum is extremely dynamic & highly re-searched. The approach to learning is experiential and it ensures that the child’s developments in all domains are in line with the requirements of future formal schooling. This forms an excellent platform for the requirements of major national boards (CBSE/ICSE), international boards (IB/IGCSE) & is in line with the future requirement specifications of the National Curriculum Framework specified by the Education Board for the primary level. The programme has been developed by a group of passionate educators, & behavioral psychologists including alumni of Harvard, Cambridge, the IIM’s & other leading institutions. Various early childhood pedagogies like the Montessori Method, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Steiner’s Waldorf method, Reggio Emilia method, Kindergarten system etc have been integrated while formulating this curriculum.

We truly believe that children must learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing & hearing. ‘Curiosity’-which is the innate nature of every child is satiated with a theme based integrated approach, led by enquiry based learning. Great emphasis is laid on developing the intrinsic motivation to learn, autonomy & self-discipline. With innovative methods like ‘Discovery time’, the children are introduced to concepts of problem solving & creative thinking in a number of interesting ways.

Importantly, the children are groomed for future formal schooling with strong emphasis on mathematical & language experiences. Personalized attention is given to each child following an international teacher- child ratio. Small learning groups & Individual learning program ensures that children develop at a required pace.


‘Because there is much more than what is just learnt inside the classroom’.
Thematic celebrations, field trips, use of updated technology, & hands on approach make learning a fun filled activity for the child. The children participate enthusiastically in the special thematic events like farm day, carnivals, sports meet & annual cultural day. This gives the children an excellent platform to grow in confidence & also develop great self-esteem.
Some of the most highly acclaimed child oriented programmes from across the world have been incorporated as a part of the academic programme at Planet Kids:
KINDER DANCE: This is a US based Dance & motor development program which combines educational concepts with various forms of movement. The children learn the basics of creative movement, ballet, tap, floor gymnastics & other modern dance skills while learning shapes, colours, numbers, words, songs & other age-appropriate educational concepts. It is indeed education through Dance.
E-BLOCKS: This is a revolutionary program from Brazil which creates a unique learning experience that combines multi-media software & real objects. It is a multi-sensory approach to English learning for beginners & is one of the most highly awarded e-learning solutions in the world including a prestigious award from the United Nations.
I-CUE ‘RAISE A READER’ PROGRAM: The aim of this program is to provide the children with excellent age-appropriate high quality books to carry home every week so that the children develop a sustained and continuous reading habit.

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Planet Kids offers a wonderful first ‘out-of-home’ learning experience for your child.